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At times, life becomes too hard to manage. We understand, we want to help. Through our treatment processes, we have met many, others with similar concerns. They are living happily now because they created and followed a solid recovery plan: We listen, help you to find the source of the problem, and show you how to overcome it. Confront your troubles head on so you can enjoy a happy, healthy life.

At Silver Creek, it is our main objective to foster a safe and warm environment for each individual client. We strive to make our program a place were you can address trauma or core issues with the best science and research available.

Our providers:

Dr. Barry King M.D.  Certified Addictionologist.
Sadie Lemmon APRN
Dr. Barry King MD is the addictionologist at Silver Creek Clinic and is happy to assist you in gaining an addiction free lifestyle and overall improving your quality of life. 

Dr. King is a board certified obstetrician/gynecologist with over 30 years experience since residency. He has always enjoyed learning new skills and information.  He elected to take the leap into the Behavioral Health field with a focus on addiction after witnessing first hand through his practice, the damage done to some of his patients who struggled with dependency / addiction. 

Dr. King enjoys being directly involved with clients, assisting them in the development of healthy habits proven to be beneficial in maintaining sobriety.  Dr. King is mindful of each client and recognizes that each individual will have unique circumstances in their recovery process, therefor, his approach is based on listening to clients and development of treatment options based on individual needs. 
Sadie Lemmon is a licensed APRN specializing in addiction medicine.  Her background is in detox and inpatient recovery from addiction.   Sadie has achieved a masters degree in family practice and is currently completing a master degreee to provide psychiatric and mental health services.

Sadie enjoys working in the behavioral health field and seeing the progression of clients through their outpatient treatment experiences.  

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